DuluxGroup's Expertise

Our Strengths

DuluxGroup has established market leading positions by building a strong relationship with consumers who trust our brands.

Our world class research and technology centres take inspiration from consumers and our own global knowledge base to develop product innovations that surprise and delight. We invest in large scale manufacturing plants, where those innovations are brought to life in products which are rigorously tested to ensure they are worthy of bearing the badge of our iconic brands.

Our sales force supports an enviable network of trade professionals and our important retail customers in meeting the needs of our consumers in store. All of those elements work seamlessly, to ensure not only a strong and sustainable competitive advantage and stable earnings, but also a platform for compelling growth options.

Premium Brands and Marketing

DuluxGroup is home to a remarkable portfolio that includes some of Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised and trusted brands, including Dulux, Selleys, Yates, B&D, and Cabot’s. They are complemented by other well established DuluxGroup brands, including Berger, British Paints, Porter's, Walpamur, Feast Watson, Intergrain, AcraTex, Parchem, Fosroc, Flextool, Garador, Rota Cota, Poly, Turtle Wax, Hortico, Thrive, Zero and Dynamic Lifter.

DuluxGroup’s successful track record of building brands has come from focussing on the needs of consumers, whether it be for riper tomatoes, an easier way to clean the barbeque, or a living room transformed by colour and texture.

The heritage of our brands dates back generations, with Yates having commenced operations in 1883. As custodians of those brands we protect and build on that heritage by investing strongly in marketing, innovation and technology.

Throughout DuluxGroup’s long and successful history we have continuously invested in consumer research, marketing skills and a strong media presence to build market-leading brands with high consumer awareness and demand. DuluxGroup’s record of being first-to-market with new products and ranges is driven by our focus on engaging directly with consumers to ensure that we anticipate evolving lifestyle trends and consumer needs.

Innovation and Technology

DuluxGroup’s premium brand positions are supported by a strong track record of innovation and new product development.

DuluxGroup is an industry leader in new product development in its market segments. Our innovations are driven by a range of factors, including technical advancements in product design, environmental trends and changing consumer preferences.

We have dedicated research and development facilities and alliances with international and local technology partners.

DuluxGroup employs approximately 120 chemists and technologists. Our world class coatings research facility at Clayton in Victoria is complemented by our Yates and Selleys research centre at Padstow in New South Wales. In addition, the Powder Coatings, Texture Coatings, New Zealand and China businesses have on-site chemists to support their market segments and manufacturing sites.

Broad Product Portfolio

DuluxGroup’s diverse range of high quality products includes retail paints, stains and varnishes, protective coatings, decorative concrete, commercial construction concretes and chemicals, industrial waterproofing and jointing systems, powder coatings, automotive refinish coatings, fillers, adhesives, sealants, paint brushes and rollers, specialised household cleaners, garage doors and electronic openers, seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and potting mixes.

Comprehensive Distribution and Customer Relationships

DuluxGroup supplies a broad range of retail and trade distribution channels. Our products are sold through thousands of retail and trade distribution outlets, including more than 70 Dulux Trade Centres throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Across the retail and trade sectors, DuluxGroup has more than 35,000 customers.

DuluxGroup has relationships ranging from the largest retail outlets to the smallest owner operators. We have developed an enviable network of customer relationships within the architectural, project specifier, interior design and project management professions in both the commercial and residential development markets.

Leading Customer Satisfaction

We support the high consumer awareness and demand for our premium brands by providing industry leading service to our extensive network of retail and trade customers; working in partnership with them to meet the expectations of our consumers.

Through a strong focus on sales force effectiveness and supply chain management, DuluxGroup ranks in the top 3% of Australian and New Zealand consumer goods companies for Delivery in Full and on Time (DIFOT) performance.

DuluxGroup’s strong commitment to customer service has been recognised through a number of significant customer service awards over the past decade and is reflected in a long-standing, loyal and growing customer base.

DuluxGroup operates training academies in each state of Australia and in New Zealand to educate employees of our retail customers about the features of DuluxGroup’s products. Each year more than 6,000 people are trained at these academies.

Our People

DuluxGroup employs approximately 4,000 people around the world. Individually and collectively, they continue to find smarter, market leading solutions for our end consumers and our retail and trade customers. This ceaseless quest to improve – our standards, our products, our services – is underpinned by an entrenched culture of operating with integrity, strong financial discipline, and a commitment to care for the safety of colleagues and the communities within which we operate.

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