Corporate Governance

The Board of DuluxGroup believes that a strong corporate governance framework and culture translates to a strong company that delivers for its shareholders.

DuluxGroup's directors and management are committed to conducting business in an ethical, fair and transparent manner in accordance with high standards of corporate governance. The Board, together with the management team, leads by example. We have a robust corporate governance framework in place and we are committed to fostering a culture of compliance that values personal and corporate integrity, accountability and continuous improvement.  

Our corporate governance framework includes  

An engaged Board of Directors with a diverse range of skills and experience supported by an effective Board and Committee Structure  Clear and transparent communications with our shareholders  Strong risk management and assurance processes and culture  Our 'Values and Behaviours' and supporting policies that underpin the way we behave and meet our strategic objectives

DuluxGroup's corporate governance framework complies with the 3rd edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council's Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.    

Key corporate governance documents

DuluxGroup Board and Executive

2017 Corporate Governance Statement DuluxGroup Board Members
ASX Principles Checklist - Appendix 4G DuluxGroup Executive
DuluxGroup Constitution


Governance Policies

Board Charter Code of Conduct
Audit & Risk Committee Charter Continuous Disclosure Policy
Nominations Committee Charter Delegated Authorities
Remuneration & Human Resources Committee Charter Diversity Policy
Safety & Sustainability Committee Charter Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Control Policy
Risk Management Policy
Shareholder Communication Policy
Share Trading Policy