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We know you want challenges that make you think and an environment full of fresh ideas.  Our focus on category-leading products brings with it an attitude of doing things right and backing great ideas.  What really makes this special is having this experience while driving the science and engineering behind the brands your family, friends and colleagues know and love.

Continuous operations going back to the early 1900’s has resulted in a wealth of experience and experienced professionals you’ll learn and grow from.  And, with 27 production sites and innovation centres across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK, focusing on a huge variety of products, you’re exposed to a rewarding variety in professional colleagues and career opportunities.

Meet our people...

Katherine Milne_3

Katherine Milne, Development Chemist

“There’s that fear that once you get into a particular industry you get stuck, and it gets repetitive and boring. I don’t see that ever happening here with the variety in my role and the diversity in people I work with.

“Just in my lab alone, there are seven other Chemists all working on different projects or different stages in a project. Some have 25 years’ experience and others are newbies.  Some come from pharmaceuticals, some from raw materials processing, some from industrial and engineering.  It’s a great balance because the combination of fresh ideas, different perspectives and experience really motivate you and make you think.  And, although we have our own responsibilities we work as a team in asking questions and sharing ideas. 

“Then, some days I’ll be in the lab, others I’ll be out in the field - testing paint durability in harsh environments, and others, I’ll be talking with reps and tradies who use the products.  The variety makes you think on your feet and keeps you active.

“But, from a long-term career perspective, it’s the genuine commitment I see that Dulux Group has for ongoing learning and development that’s really motivating.  I think the Group focus on quality products creates a mindset of investing in this to continue achieving that quality. 

“Things like secondments to factories, Customer Service and other teams, gives you a broader perspective on your own job and future. One of my secondments was spending four months with a sister-company in America.  Those opportunities to see different operations and share knowledge with other professionals is incredibly valuable.”


Luke Brady_3

Luke Brady, Engineering Manager

“Joining the Group just over two years ago and witnessing the imagination and effort going into the development of one of the world’s most advanced paint production factories at Dulux Merrifield, really set the tone for my experiences here.  There’s an amazing depth in talent and experience to make things happen here, and there’s an energy and a will to do those things.

“Quite a few of the products we manufacture are distributed through large retailers, so our business needs to be pretty flexible and responsive to deal with evolving markets and consumer trends – and we need to manufacture locally to respond quickly to market demand. Combined with the fact our products are at the quality end of the spectrum, we need to have a high performing supply chain and are constantly looking for ways to improve our capabilities and efficiencies.

“For me, that results in great variety.  I’m directly involved in designing the technical aspects of some projects as well as project managing others, that involve a really broad range of engineering disciplines.  But rather than focusing only on the technical relationships, we get to work with other departments like Marketing and R&D, and external stakeholders like suppliers of raw materials and packaging. I think it's the sort of balance any professional should have in their career. Having both in my role at once makes it particularly interesting.

“A good example is the upgrade of a cementitious production plant I was involved in.  There was a surprising complexity in just that one line because of the number and variety of products it needed to produce.  But the innovation and customer focus of the Group allowed us to also look at things like new packaging technologies that weren’t just more efficient and effective but made the packaging look and perform better and provided the business with a competitive advantage to help grow sales and strengthen the relationships with our customers.  You’re listened to and your ideas and capabilities are respected.

When you multiply experiences like this across our numerous and different types of manufacturing plants and product ranges, involving different professional disciplines and pursuing different aspirations and objectives, you never feel pigeon-holed and have plenty to keep you interested and challenged in the work you do.  And, doing this with products that are known and loved by consumers, only adds to my sense of satisfaction here."


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