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At DuluxGroup, our scientists create market-leading products that your friends and family know and love, with a focus on continuous improvement, cutting edge innovation and sustainability.


You'll have the opportunity to design, develop and deliver innovation in Australia and New Zealand that sets us apart, to have a real impact on consumers' lives.

With a rich history dating back to the early 1900s, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon, but it's our passion for science, innovation, and leaving a legacy that drives us forward.

Join us now to bring ambitious ideas to life and build a sustainable future together.

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We are a market leader in household paints, but the scope of our coatings business is so much more expansive. Our products provide protection to mining equipment and the construction industry, when renovating period and/or existing structures, to safe guarding decks, repairing cars or powder coating building facades – Dulux Paints & Coatings touch our lives almost everywhere.



We enable the innovation behind Australia’s most reliable and trusted garage doors. We are passionate about using our creativity and ingenuity to harness the power of cutting edge technologies to deliver greater convenience and safety for our consumers.


Innovation has always been part of the Selleys’ DNA and we love pushing the boundaries and asking what’s possible as we take our innovative, consumer-focused solutions to the world – across many different market segments, including DIY, professional trades and construction.


We are a team of passionate marketers dedicated to helping everyone discover the joy of gardening and seeing success in their back (or front) yard. We want to help you grow so much more than a garden.

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