Dulux is helping people and pets in need

Date Posted: Wednesday, 27 May 2020 09:03
Posted By: Alyssa Van Every

The current troubled and uncertain times we are experiencing have unfortunately increased the need for some families to escape domestic violence, and Dulux NZ is here to help

Dulux NZ has recently partnered with Pet Refuge, who are building a specially designed shelter that will temporarily house dogs, cats and other small pets caught up in domestic abuse. It is the first one of its kind in NZ, with plans to build more around the country in key locations.

NZ has the second highest rate of pet ownership in the world, and unfortunately the highest rate of family violence in the OECD. Research has established that over half of women caught up in domestic abuse, delayed leaving out of fear for their pet’s safety. Their partners would often use abuse towards the animals as a way of controlling the victim, preventing them from taking any action.

Women’s Refuge don’t have facilities to house pets, so this creates a barrier for people wanting to leave, as they can’t face leaving their pets behind. By providing a shelter that works alongside Women’s Refuge, victims can leave with their pets, knowing there will be a safe place for them to go, and can be reunited once longer-term plans are in place.

It was a natural fit for Dulux and Pet Refuge, as we can leverage the iconic Dulux Dog, to help raise awareness for his four legged friends in need.

Dulux are contributing a significant amount of product and resource for the build of the shelter by supplying all the paint and coatings needed such as decorative paints like Wash&Wear, Weathershield and Aquanamel, as well as specialty coatings. We would like to thank Graham Gates and Kevin Hokopaura from Protective Coatings for their help in providing Fireshield and organising its specialty application of the product. We will also be providing technical advice and interior design expertise for the shelter.

In addition, Dulux are ‘sponsoring a brick’ in the name of every Dulux NZ employee to help with the build costs of the shelter.

Once the shelter is complete, we will be providing donations for ongoing support and working with Pet Refuge on creating fundraising opportunities.

To find out more about Pet Refuge, follow the link, and make sure you have tissues ready if you watch the video. https://www.petrefuge.org.nz/

If you would also like to sponsor a brick, follow the link: https://rebuildlives.co.nz/