Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Date Posted: Thursday, 03 September 2020 10:59
Posted By: Alyssa Van Every

We have all been doing it tough in 2020 but family, friends and loved ones can make all the difference,. So we wanted to pause for a moment and take the opportunity to say thank you – thank you to all the dad’s out there. Happy Father’s Day! 

Graham Hoy
Lincoln Sentry – WA
Warehouse Operator

Parenting in 2020 has been very different! My wife, Diana had our first baby, our girl Kobe in May and with all the covid restrictions it was rough, as I wasn't allowed to attend the ultrasounds and appointments along the way and once she was born I could only visit for one hour twice a day. My eldest daughter, Layla, 12, wasn't a fan of the social distancing measures as it "ruined her social life" but did enjoy the extra time on her iPad! 

Rhys Halma 
Cabot’s – Queensland
State Sales Manager

As a parent in 2020, things have been even more strange than ever. I have a 5yo daughter, Sienna. She spends 50% of her time with me and 50% with her mum. Both Sienna’s mum and I have had time in isolation where we went up to 2 weeks without seeing our daughter. This on top of home schooling and trying to explain to a 5YO why we can’t go the park or have her friends together for her 5th birthday party has certainly been a challenge. This challenge would have been so much harder if it wasn’t for the support of DuluxGroup when it comes to flexible working arrangements. The biggest thing I have learned from this experience is observing how nimble and adaptable kids can be! 
Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

Paul Cochrane  
B&D Group - NZ
NZ Country / Operations Manager

Having kids around always keeps you grounded, puts life into perspective and keeps you in touch with the next generation.

My “kids” aren’t really kids anymore, however they aren’t really adults either. At 20, 22 and 24 they are all in that place where they are starting to find their own way in the world. Their compasses are straightening up.

We’ve been through that aspirational time we all have as parents when none of them lived with us, where we had to actively invite them over for dinner just to catch up. And then they all came back - some with extras. I remember hearing my wife Teresa saying, “but only one of you left, how is it that I’ve managed to get two back?”

The irony is that as they’ve grown up so to have their problems.  What used to be “I’ve fallen over and hurt my knee”, “why won’t my bike stay standing up on its own?” and “can you please download some Brittany Spears on Lime-wire Dad” and was regularly solved with a hug, some food and a good night’s sleep has become “I lost my job”, “I crashed my car”, “the love of my life is over” and “Dad, can you help me with my GST (again)?”

For the two current in-house tenants it was great to see them get back to basics during lockdown and as a family we did lots of things together that we hadn’t done for a long time! We played cards, we had fancy dress Friday’s and we Netflix’ed and chilled. It’s great to hear the banter fill the house as they laugh, joke and challenge each other while they discuss the intricacies of following a dinner menu together.

I’ll really enjoy it when they “finally” move out and we have our space back once again. But I’ll also really miss them just being there and the comfort that brings. This year they’ve been asked to bring 5 of their best Dad jokes to Father’s Day so let’s see how much assistance the internet can give them!

Luke Moss
Lincoln Sentry - Qld
Customer Service Team Leader

Like it has been for everyone, 2020 has been full uncertainty and nervous moments, throw in expecting a baby and I was left with plenty running through my mind while trying to sleep. After not being able to attend my wife’s 20 week scan I was relieved to find I was able to attend all further hospital visits and the all-important birth of our happy and healthy son, Levi. 

Covid related limits on visitors was a blessing in disguise as it gave my wife and me a greater opportunity to get to know the newest member of our family. With my wife still recovering I very soon changed my first nappy (after a shaky start I now compare myself to an F1 pit crew) and had my parental instincts kick in with the realisation he relies on us for absolutely everything. 

Since Levi was born I haven’t had a full night sleep, every shirt I’ve worn has been left stained and I’ve had several reminders not to put my face too close when taking a nappy off. But it has all been worth it, while most will look back on 2020 as one disaster after another I will certainly remember it very differently. 


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!