Unlocking Innovation

Date Posted: Tuesday, 28 July 2020 16:00
Posted By: Alyssa Van Every

Imagine if...you have an idea. You think it can help. At DuluxGroup we are passionate people who have LOTS of ideas, grounded in consumer insight. Increasingly, these ideas are enabled by technology. It could be a new product, new service, or even a new business model. But there is a high degree of risk or uncertainty with your idea.

What can you do?

Find a safe space to explore and test these ideas. So late last year, the DGTech team ran an experiment called Innovation FAST-TRAC. The program is designed to reduce the level of uncertainty and risk for new or unfamiliar growth initiatives - at speed.

Teams are deliberately multi-disciplinary, to bring diversity of thinking, and are small, to enable rapid decision making.

FAST-TRAC equips people with an entrepreneurial mindset. During the discovery phase, our people develop skills in: 
• Problem exploration 
• Value proposition design 
• Customer discovery

During the validation phase, they learn about:
• Assumption mapping 
• Business experimentation 
• Business model design 

We're now halfway through the second FAST-TRAC, explains Julie Challinor, DGTech Engagement & Innovation Lead. Six teams are exploring a wide range of exciting ideas. They love the space to innovate, the challenge to create better solutions and overall the knowledge that thy are making a meaningful impact on the business they love.